Our Building Process

Over the past 20 years, we have developed a clear and simple process to ensure a terrific outcome for our clients. We appreciate that you have worked hard and deserve the best value for your money.

During our first meeting, we will ask lots of questions in order to learn what you are looking to achieve in creating your home. We will offer various practical considerations for your feedback. Once we understand your needs, we will match the best available design to suit your requirements.

At the end of our first meeting, we will invite you to contact our past Clients to ask them absolutely anything you want – ask the “hard questions” and discover why we are so very different. We are confident you will appreciate what you hear.

When we are both completely satisfied with a design that meets with your requirements and budget, we will professionally cost your project and present you with a fixed price solution. This fixed price will give you peace of mind that there will be no hidden costs.

From here, we will prepare all of the documents and submit them for approval to the relevant authorities. During the approval process, we will carefully document a realistic Building Program to meet your requirements. We will then personally take you through each and every detail. This will greatly assist you and keep you informed of each day’s activities. Our detailed Quality Assurance Process will guarantee a well organised building experience.

We will assist you with your selections, and ensure that you continue to receive value for money while dealing with our preferred list of suppliers.

During construction, our building waste is placed in large bins, which are cleared regularly. This avoids the unsightly and more importantly, dangerous pile of refuse which may be an annoyance to all concerned.

Subject to weather, our building programs stay on track, as we all understand the importance of maintaining and adhering to schedule.


Control for you

We hold a weekly status meeting with you to discuss the following week’s building schedule. Quite often, this happens informally as we tend to see each other quite often.

Our tradesmen are very much aware that they are working on your home and not just another building site. We are very proud of how our sites are organised, especially when compared to others. Your environment will be free from loud music, dogs and lunch remnants. We work hard at maintaining a stress-free work environment for all concerned.


The Result

Your project will be completed within the time frames discussed. We strive to ensure you will be satisfied and we will have also build a professional friendship.

We understand that all of this might sound too good to be true. However, we know and believe that positive attitude throughout the entire building process will result in a better final product.

It is important to remember that Stronach Building Group deliberately choose to build only a small quantity of homes each year so that we can maintain our promise, process and quality standards.

We hope that after reading this information, you will know instinctively, that we can provide you with what you are looking for: a level of professionalism, organisation, proven processes, methodology and care which surpasses all of our competitors in the residential building industry.


Where to from here?

We invite you to phone me, Barry, on 0412 572 800 or email barry@stronachbuildinggroup.com.au for an obligation free meeting. This will allow us to establish a very clear brief of your requirements and provide you with an opportunity to consider what is possible when working and dealing with a Professional Builder such as Stronach Building Group.


Stronach Building Group – It’s our Attitude that makes us different.